Shipping Beats Perfection

We all want to achieve the best experience for our gamers. But one of the main common mistakes is to think that we’ll achieve the best via the perfect. Wrong. If you focus on achieving the perfect game, you’ll only find yourself at a point of obsession. It’ll never be perfect, because perfection is a state of mind, not a state of creativity.

This doesn’t mean that your game will be ugly or missing as a must. But this means you’ll have to focus on shipping the game, and seeing your creative process as a whole rather than game by game basis.

We are completing Chapter 2 levels in two days. This is exciting!

“Shipping beats perfection!” ~ Ben Kamens


Difficulty is a difficult thing to design. 🙂

Hopefully we’ll have the chance to test our game with as many gamers as we can, so that we can see if it’s a hard game or a rage-quit game.

Swaps and Traps is a difficult game, but our goal is to make you say “oh, I can do this, I can beat this level!” It’s certainly for those gamers who want to play difficult platformers. Our swapping and rotating screen may seem like an artificial difficulty element, but actually it has a labyrinth feeling to it, in addition to classic hand-eye coordination.

Dear platform gamers… Hope you’re out there, waiting for a significant challenge. 😉


Flippin’ Out!

We are trying to focus on a publish date, probably by the end of March. But completing a game is a tricky thing. You find yourself living the same cycle over and over again.

No problem. The key is to know that this is quite normal. This is how you develop, this is how you create, this is how you get your game up and running.

We are currently working on Chapter 2 levels, and flip is here! We are very excited to read your comments, when you try to make it through swaps, rotates and flips! 🙂