Then suddenly, you find yourself down.
With all the things happening, all the people losing their lives… All the bombs… All the shootings…
With all the media babbling in manipulation.

And you find yourself asking; who am I to complain?
Who am I to bitch about the creativity that keeps hiding, when we have a different death toll each and everyday.
Who am I to be thankful? Who am I to smile? Who am I to have the heart to go on another day? Who am I?

Am I the nature? Am I the infestation?
Am I the reason or am I the reaction?

It gets difficult and sometimes a bit embarrasing trying to focus, trying to stay motivated and creative.
But in the end, all we have left are our emotions. We have to love. We have to laugh. We have to get excited, and we have to feel hopeful when heartbroken.

Keep your chin up.
Your game will make someone feel something. Whether it’s joy, courage, love or it’s envy, pity, confusion, you’ll connect someone with her/his feelings.
Be the nature, be the reason… Be happy even though it seems impossible some days.

Against all odds, we ARE creating life itself.


Fingers by Abidin Dino

Have Fun!

It’s difficult to keep up your motivation throughout a project, but it is essential. So you should work on this, work on keeping yourself happy and motivated, as much as you focus on development.

If you are miserable, your game will be miserable… and not in a good way…


We make games! 🙂
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Hi friends! How are you this fine Saturday? 🙂

We speeded up in the last couple of weeks and we are very excited to share our progress. Jungle level designs will be over this week and will go through alpha. We have an additional trap idea that we’ll probably try. Hopefully we’ll also have a couple animations juiced up and ready to be shared until next #ScreenshotSaturday 😉

Divider is ready to be voiced over again, but this time Mike has a word or two, too. 🙂 Get ready for several cutscenes along three chapters.

We are excited people! We are exciteeeeeed! 😀
What do you think? Are you interested in Swaps and Traps?